THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS NETWORK (COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS TOKEN INC) is a custom blockchain/network/ecosystem with its own algorithm (CE+H+C=CC) that features its own stable coin that’s gold-backed, its own native currency, and its own token. Each of the 3 will have their own unique features and utilities

An entire customized blockchain network Smart contact that features defi, exchange, reward-utility token, stablecoin (gold backed), native currency, Dapp, blockchain games, and Dao*

1.Native Governance COIN known as the Collective Consciousness network coin, it supports our entire ecosystem by giving us our own personalized blockchain, our own decentralized exchange (like binance or coinbase) and our own Web3 wallet. This coin will also act as the communities own decentralized virtual bank that offers a Checking, savings, and business account with a debit/credit card, and has its own payment processing capabilities.

2. COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS TOKEN-CCT IS our community’s reward and utiliity token used within the Collective Consciousness ecosystem.The CCT TOKEN’S FUNCTIONALITIES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING
(A.)COMMUNITY CREATION- Every holder will be part of the community created around this
token, which will be focused on promoting essential human values.

ecosystem’s utility token which will give all its participants a shared an open
currency without centralized

(C.)ACCESS-In the future, Collective Consciousness
Token will provide exclusive access to
merch, events and services related to
the Collective Consciousness Ecosystem.

(D.)INCENTIVIZATION & PARTNERSHIPS -Third-partyinterested businesses will be able to participate in the ecosystem
incorporating CCT into their projects,
interacting with our services and giving
new functionalities and opportunities to our networks infrastructure and
our holders.

3.Our Gold-backed STABLE-COIN known as THE GOLDEN COLLECTIVE⁹ . This will complete our 3 coin platform trifecta. There will only be 999,999 GOLDEN COLLECTIVE⁹ Coins in existence.